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whaaat5's Journal

13 September 1988
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a christmas story, a walk to remember, adam brody, all that, america's sweethearts, amy poehler, angel, arrested development, being happy, blair and chuck, bowling, clarissa explains it all, cloverfield, colin hanks, collages, comedy, csi: crime scene investigation, dan humphry, dane cook, david boreanaz, diane lane, discovery channel, donnie wahlberg, drake and josh, drake bell, dumb and dumber, dvds, edgar wright, ellen degeneres, ellen page, eric mabius, eric szmanda, facebook, fan fiction, feminism, fishing, freddie benson, full frontal feminism, gay marriage rights, george eads, gossip girl, greg sanders, grind, grosse point blank, happiness, hot fuzz, icarly, itlow, jackass, jason bateman, jerry trainor, jim carey, joel moore, john cusak, john krasinski, josh peck, julia roberts, juno, kenan and kel, kenen and kel, laughing, laughter, liar liar, lilly and rufus, mandy moore, mark wahlberg, michael cera, movies, myspace, nick frost, nick stokes, nickelodeon, nkotb, no on prop 8, now and then, nursing, old school nick, photography, pickles, pictures, planet earth, polar bears, potatoes, project lore, ranting, reading, reba, riley adams, sam and spencer, saturday night live, school, scrapbooking, senses fail, seth meyers, shark week, sharks, shaun of the dead, sign language, simon pegg, sixteen candles, slash, snl, spaced, spam, spencer shay, super mario, super nintendo, superbad, talking, the amanda show, the dark knight, the early november, the l word, the mask, the office, three kings, tina fey, twitter, wahlberg, will smith, women's rights, writing, youtube